Allan's "MP" Archives

This site is made up of historical photos and photos that I have taken at ceremonies, parades and events.  Photos and scans of artifacts, collectables, uniforms, buttons and badges that I have come across and collected or photographed  over the years.  Whether you visit this site for historical research, education or just browsing, enjoy.  If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line and I will try and assist you in any way I can.

Member of the "E" Division Veteran's Association.

Member of "E" Division NCO's Mess.

Member of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Museum, Regina, Saskatchewan

"Maintain Le Droit"


My retirement badge

"E" Division Traffic


"Williams Lake"


Hot, sunny day call out to Deas Island FP, Surrey, BC.  Some files you never forget - 6 dead. 

Uncle Max Allan (CSF - Korea) and I on Nov. 11th, Remembrance Day (my BD) in Langford, BC for the Legion Parade.

Taking a break,. A pizza delivery kid hit a pole,  Last thing he ever did.

"E" Division Traffic Services - HQ, Vancouver, BC.

Summit of The Americas,  "in the gas".

Summit of the Americas. The two 

Sgt.'s chilling out on the King's Bastion, The Citadel, Quebec, City, Qc.

Shearwater & King Island, BC.

 Lieutenant Governor's  Change of Command Parades, Victoria, BC.

Photos for the CO, "E" Division.

Chillin out after presenting my nephew, Cst. Patrick Wiseman, Ottawa Police Service with his badge.

"Hold the Line"

Sgt. D. Laird Allan, Ret'd, Reg. #28821

Troop 27, 1970/71

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